• About this service

    This service supplies the partners of http.net with an interface for automated object management.
  • Endpoints and service descriptions

    The service makes different SOAP versions and a RESTful API on multiple endpoints available. Any endpoint supplies the same interface.
    An endpoint consists of a transport protocol (binding) appointing the service access through a particular address (URI). Each endpoint is equiped with a technical description and a XML service description (WSDL) for the automatic generation of clients as appropriate.
  • Instances and versions

    Each version of the API is available as a demo and a live instance. Both instances have identical interfaces. The demo-API does not generate productive jobs and is suitable for development of clients.
  • Operations, data types and validation constraints

    Each operation has at most one argument type and a return type. The return type of data transactions contains information about the result of the transaction.
    Each operation, each data type and any member of a complex type can be provided with one or more constraints against whom the order is validated. Each condition is documented by a unique identifier and an informal description.
  • Encryption and authentication

    Data exchange with any HTTP-based endpoint is encrypted via HTTPS. Service descriptions are publicly accessible, while the use of the service is possible only with registered IP addresses. Authentication as a partner of http.net is done by partner-ID and password. The delivery of credentials takes place either on HTTP level or within the message according to the endpoint.
  • Data encoding

    All data should be encoded as UTF-8. IDN domains can be specified either in Unicode or as ACE-String for all operations.